We are open!

Burma Cafe is available during regular operating hours. Order online through our website with a secure payment option or call us at (650) 992-6363. We are using a pass-through drawer as a no-contact way to pick up your order.

Thank you for supporting our local businesses and continuing to practice safety and social distancing.

We are also on DoorDash for delivery. For more information on their
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Burma Café is open to serve Burmese street food to a large Burmese community in Daly City. Burmese are used to eating a variety of street food throughout the day. Popular dishes include Tea Leaf Salad, Fried Chayote, Nan Pya Dok, Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup, Samusa Soup, Moo Hin Nga, Nan Gyi Dok and Rainbow Salad. Burma Café serves all of these popular street foods and more.

In Burma, we are accustomed to waking up to the aroma of Moo Hin Nga, a fish noodle soup made of fish, ground chickpeas and onions. Another popular morning food is Coconut Chicken Noodle Soup made of boneless chicken, coconut milk and chickpea powder. It is a great way to start the morning, waking up to a bowl of warm and tasty noodle soup. It is very filling and really gets us started for the rest of the morning.

Around noon if we don't want to eat noodle soup again, we eat Nan Pya Dok, a mild curry coconut chicken over flat wheat noodles. For a lighter meal to keep us from wanting to nap in the afternoon, we eat a salad such as Rainbow Salad, a very colorful vegetable salad with a small amount of noodles. Instead of coffee, we enjoy a serving of Tea Leaf Salad made of fermented tea leaves, nuts, seeds, tomatoes and lettuce.

A good midday meal we have before dinner is Samusa Soup which is made of samusa, Burmese split pea falafel and potatoes in a spicy chickpea soup. It is a good precursor to a dinner of curry with coconut rice or Biriyani, a chicken casserole with Basmati rice which has cinnamon, cardamom, raisins and nuts.

Burmese people can now relieve their joy for street foods here in Burma Café!